BIOFRESCOS GROUP is a leading Portuguese Group in the Production and Distribution of premium frozen food.

The GROUP is composed of two companies (BIOFRESCOS and FASTER) having 2 industrial units certified with the International Featured Standard (“IFS”).


BIOFRESCOS GROUP is led by an experienced Board of Directors who have been in the food industry for over 35 years.

The GROUP, which has a young and dynamic team, has been able to provide a large range of premium frozen products to its clients.

During the last two decades the GROUP has been sustainably growing; receiving multiple SME Leader awards for its operational and finance performance.


The mission of BIOFRESCOS GROUP is to:

• Ensure Quality, Safety and Traceability of its products;

• Establish solid and long-term partnerships with all its stakeholders;

• Ensure stocks and that those stocks fully match delivery timelines;

• Be bold by introducing innovative products and packaging;

• Be recognised, both nationally and internationally, for its sustainable and eco-friendly practises.


BIOFRESCOS GROUP has been extending its presence amongst Key Food Retailers such as: supermarkets by establishing important strategic relationships (both nationally and internationally).

The GROUP also accounts with wholesalers, regional and international distributors and certain customers linked to Food Service & Catering.

BIOFRESCOS GROUP is proud to operate in over fifteen countries across four continents: Europe, America, Africa and Asia.


The GROUP’s main concern is to ensure Quality, Safety and Traceability of its products.

BIOFRESCOS GROUP has two (2) industrial units both qualified with IFS which subject both companies to a rigorous procurement procedure; traceability of raw materials and to the constant adjustment of production models.


BIOFRESCOS GROUP focuses on the diversity and innovation of its products.

The GROUP relies on an R&D Department (composed of Food Engineers and a resident chef) fully dedicated to the selection and development of innovative products.

BIOFRESCOS GROUP is fully committed in the permanent modernization of its production units and the continuous improvement of its production models.

Moreover, the GROUP has its own sensory panel which supports R&D team in development of innovative products in order to achieve the specific requirements and results and of each client and/or market.


Over the past few years, BIOFRESCOS GROUP has been prioritizing sourcing products and suppliers that can guarantee the sustainability of their products, shown via the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC), Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) and Friend of the Seas; thus, the GROUP is contributing to a better and more responsible consumption of fishery resources.

The GROUP is equally committed to promoting sustainable and eco-friendly policies shown by its membership of several green organizations (“ECOLUB”, “PONTO VERDE” and “SILIAMB”) that support the GROUP with regard to waste treatment and recycling.

BIOFRESCOS GROUP is also firmly committed to ensure environmental protection through the sustainable use of natural resources and eco-friendly materials.


As a responsible business, the GROUP has been sponsoring sporting, cultural and social activities within the community.

In this context, BIOFRESCOS GROUP has supported three Portuguese NGOs (“Ajuda de Berço”, “Banco da Esperança” and “Remar”), UNICEF and Rugby Club of Lousã.