FASTER is a leading Portuguese company dedicated to the production of frozen ready meals.

The COMPANY relies on a highly qualified team with many years of experience and know-how that grants FASTER a very important competitive advantage: product customization.

FASTER’s products are mainly targeted for the Retail market, Food Service and to certain international markets.


FASTER has an Industrial Unit certified by the IFS. The industrial unit is managed by a Technical Team (composed by Food engineers and highly trained technical staff) that ensures all quality and safety procedures are fully respected.

The COMPANY follows rigorous industrial procedures (e.g., the selection of raw materials and suppliers and in fulfilment of strict hygienic standards) and grants traceability of its products.

FASTER is fully committed to providing its clients Quality, Safe, Uniform, Consistent and Sustainable products.

Moreover, FASTER can also provide Kosher and, or Halal products if required.



FASTER has its own R&D Department composed by food engineers and a resident Chef. This allows the COMPANY to develop new recipes and innovative products (by its own initiative and/or in partnership with its clients).

Versatility, Flexibility and Customization is only possible through a rigorous industrial methodology and a highly trained technical team.

FASTER also comprises an external sensorial panel that contributes to the development of innovative products in order to achieve the best results and fulfil the high-standards demanded by its clients.


The COMPANY is fully committed on promoting sustainable and eco-friendly policies.

FASTER works with ECOLUB that promotes the correct treatment of industrial waste and with PONTO VERDE for recycling.

The COMPANY is also highly committed to the sustainable use of natural resources and in the optimization of human and technical resources.


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