BIOFRESCOS is a leading Portuguese company in the import, export, distribution and processing of frozen seafood products.

The COMPANY provides a large range of products that can be classified by six (6) different categories: (i) Fish, (ii) Fillets, (iii) Crustaceans, (iv) Cephalopods e (v) Bivalves and (vi) Value-added products.

BIOFRESCOS currently imports (products and raw-materials) from more than 30 sourcing countries, ranging from New Zealand to the US.

The COMPANY is fully committed to providing its clients Quality, Safe, Uniform, Consistent and Sustainable products whilst also fulfilling its social and environmental responsibilities.


BIOFRESCOS has an Industrial Unit duly certified with the IFS. The industrial unit is managed by a highly qualified team (composed by Food engineers and highly trained staff) ensuring that industry standard food policies are fully respected.

In certain strategic jurisdictions, the COMPANY has its own Local Agents – Quality Control Agents – that are fully trained to ensure that all quality standards are fully respected.

Additionally, BIOFRESCOS works alongside international certified laboratories that support the COMPANY in safeguarding its products through several chemical and microbiological analysis.

The COMPANY always trades products that are subject to a very strict Quality Control methodology (from source to final customer).



BIOFRESCOS is fully committed to identifying:

news sources, species, products and (reliable) suppliers;

new production methods and equipment ;

new packaging.


BIOFRESCOS has been prioritizing sourcing products and suppliers that can guarantee the sustainability of their products, shown via the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC), Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) and Friend of the Seas; thus, BIOFRESCOS is contributing to a better and more responsible consumption of fishery resources.

The COMPANY is also fully committed to ensuring environmental protection through the sustainable use of natural resources and eco-friendly packaging materials.


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